Yahoo account hacked by someone?

If Your Yahoo account hacked

Hacking of Yahoo account is being noticed at the frequent level in current time. Various cyber hackers are indulged in having control over Yahoo account of yahoo mail account users so that they may get their confidential information. Generally, hackers execute process of hacking Yahoo account to know about your names, email address, encrypted password, and date of birth and unencrypted security questions. Therefore it is necessary for you to take protective measures.

You can implement following steps:

Get logged in to your Yahoo account. Yahoo has commenced sending the alert messages to let its users know about external interference.

If you are continuing with the same password that you had created initially then it is better to modify or change it immediately so that hackers may not access your data easily and in very short time.

Alter the security questions and answer at all possible places. As when the mail account is hacked then hackers easily come to know about your security questions and answers.

Try to activate the two-step verification step. If you are willing to continue your yahoo mail account then the activation of two-step verification is considered as a good step.  This actually means that when you will try to log in using your password then yahoo will send you a security code which will be required to enter it in the next step.

Always take decision to delete the account after due deliberation. As taking such step may throw you into even more complicated web of security field.  This occurs because when you try to delete your Yahoo account then your account enables Yahoo to recycle your previous email address. Therefore Yahoo users are suggested to leave their Yahoo account inactivated form keeping the two-step verification option on.

In case further trouble you may prefer to have the assistance from competent professionals  by calling Yahoo Customer Service Number .