verification of Yahoo Account

2-step verification in Yahoo Account

Yahoo email account has earned different reputation as it is equipped with various kinds of convenient features. But while using the Yahoo account it is necessary to maintain it in safe mode. For this purpose, Yahoo account users may follow the 2-step verification which is considered as two layers of security protection. Howbeit several times Yahoo account users have to encounter problem while making approach towards the 2-step verification in Yahoo account. Under those circumstances, Yahoo users may quickly call on provided Yahoo Help Number to ask for technical help from the experienced Yahoo technicians.

Yahoo mail account is such an account which is treated a secure up to great extent. The most convenient  feature is that Yahoo keeps an eye on its user’s password when some unauthorized people take attempt to get logged in to individual’s Yahoo account. It also considers the location and computer from where the approach for the accessibility is being made. A person who is trying to log into the Yahoo account will be required to insert the code or will have to answer the security question. Hence Yahoo mail account is said to be as secure as your password and access to your mobile phone.

Some of steps are there which may be implemented to fix the issues associated with 2-step verification for Yahoo account:

  • In the first step choose the account info available on the menu that is appearing.
  • Now insert your Yahoo mail password in the password box.
  • Further tap on sign in option.
  • If it is possible then try to be confirmed that the box has turned on the second sign-in verification or not.
  • If you are already having a mobile phone number related to your Yahoo account then you may follow these steps:
  • Make click on the option available as Use current phone to use it for the purpose of two-step verification step.
  • Now insert the verification code received at the number under the Enter code.
  • As far as possible, try to select only my mobile phone number for verification available under the sign-in verification.

We have mentioned these above steps for the convenient of Yahoo users. If the 2-step verification in Yahoo account persists in spite of making the best effort then immediately call on Yahoo service number where you will be provided effective solution from well-qualified technicians who work incessantly day and night.

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