Unable to attach file in Yahoo

Why I can’t attach file in Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo mail has been notified as the most preferred mail service for the purpose of sending and receiving mails in various business organizations. But sometime its users become unable to attach file in Yahoo which might occur because of browser issues. if same kind of problem exists with you too then don’t make delay, call on our Yahoo Contact Number, instantly  to get technical assistance.

However you may also take attempt to fix this kind of problem yourself by executing below mentioned steps:


You may disable Shockwave flash add-on. Since, by doing this you may overcome such problem. Therefore to disable the flash you may do the following things:

For Firefox: Move towards the main menu available in the Firefox and tap on it. Now you will be required to locate Add-ons which is lying in the menu and tap on it.  Again in next page locate and make click on Plugins and search for Shockwave flash and after that you may try to disable it.

For Chrome: First you will be required to type Chrome://plugin  in the provided address bar and after that hit enter. Thereafter locate the flash player in the lists of plugins.

For Internet Explorer: Make click on gear icon and choose Manage Add-ons menu. Tap on the show box and make click on All Add-ons. After that you will be liable to search the location of Shockwave available under the Microsoft Windows third party application component to execute disable process.

Later the implementation of these above mentioned process you may proceed to have an attempt to attach the file in your Yahoo mail account;

Know about the restrictions regarding the attachment of file with Yahoo:

Presence of special: Yahoo mail does not accept those files which posses the special character.

File size: If your file size has exceeded the stipulated limitation then Yahoo mail account won’t let you attach your files.

Issues relating to antivirus: The availability of antivirus may also act as preventing tool in the attachment of files with your Yahoo mail account.

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